Available courses

An exegitical study of the New Testament books of First and Second Peter.

A study the life of Christ through the lens of the Gospels, each of which focuses on a unique facet of Jesus and his character.

A review of the biblical covenants and how they relate to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

A survey of the Minor Prophets with specific emphasis on contemporary application of their messages.

A survey of Ezekiel's prophecy of the Battle of Gog and Magog in light of the Lord's stage-setting for the last days.

A brief survey of the intertestamental period from the close of the Old Testament Canon through the birth of Christ.
A survey of distinct ethical systems contrasted with Christian Ethics, including discussions on ethical issues facing Christians today.

A review of the history of Islam and is religious tenets as compared to that of Christianity.

This course involves a systematic development of the biblical principles that must be applied in order to acquire and maintain correct, god-like thinking.

A survey of the biblical doctrines of Man (Anthropology), Sin (Hamartiology), and Salvation (Soteriology).

A study of the information provided for us in the Scriptures about the ten categories that can collectively be called the “essence of God.”  The functional titles of these categories are often called the attributes of God, but a more precise term would be the perfections of God, because He is perfect and absolute in His being.

A survey of biblical eschatology (last things) with specific emphasis on hermeneutical method, the biblical covenants, and the events preceding, during, and following the 70th week of Daniel 9.

A study of the biblical doctrines of Heaven and Hell including the Intermediate State and eschatological events leading up to the Eternal State.

A survey of the events of the 70th Week of Daniel, also known as the Tribulation Period.